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Raise funds for your charitable organization or earn extra cash with your blog, social media account or engaging website$100 sign-up bonus for local non-profits!

Affiliate marketing with Cove Surf and Turf is super easy. Just sign up and share our site with your followers and supporters. We do the rest. Our software tracks all the purchases made online and sends you a percentage of the sales! 

It’s a brilliant way to monetize your popularity and fundraise 24/7. 

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Why be an Affiliate with Cove Surf and Turf?

Join free and earn unlimited commissions. We are New Bedford’s top-rated seafood restaurant and our reviews tell the story of why. Our online ordering platform for takeout and delivery is attractive, rewarding and easy to use, bringing our online sales to multiple six-figures annually. 

Passive income

A little setup on your end, and our affiliate marketing offers you the ability to make money while you sleep.


Don't worry about customer satisfaction or support. Your only job as an affiliate is to link our site on your platforms.

Work from home

Increase commissions with some creative methods of sharing our content from the comfort of your home.

Easy signup

Your affiliate program will be ready to work on within a day. Simply fill out a quick form and we'll look over your info right away.


There are no signup or maintenance fees to worry about and no inventory. It works on what you already have.


Affiliate marketing is determined by your influence. If you're someone who people listen to, they'll trust your recommendations.

Tiered commissions

Rates increase with your sales. The higher your monthly sales go, the more you will earn in payouts.

Affiliate Support

Our team is available to assist in link-building, QR code generating and creative development.

You love Cove

If you've ever tried Cove Surf and Turf, you know that you're promoting a great service and awesome food.

How does it Work?

After you register for our Program, we’ll email you access to an Affiliate dashboard. There, you can create unique links and QR codes to use on your website and printed newsletters, and to promote on Social Media. When a visitor navigates to one of those links, they will reach our menu page. Or you can choose to create an unlimited number of links that go to any specific pages or menu items. Our Affiliate tool will track visitors’ activity and you will earn a commission based on all their purchases for a period of time after they follow your link.

#1 Join free

Signing up for our Affiliate Program account takes a couple of minutes and is entirely free. As an affiliate partner, you get trusted tracking, 24/7 real time reporting, and regular monthly commission payments.

#2 Create & share your links

Enjoy a range of promo banners and text links to share anywhere on your website, blog and Social Media.

#3 Get paid

When visitors click on the banner ads or text links and purchase our products, we’ll track them and pay you every month.

Ready To Become An Affiliate?

Partner with us and earn commissions for every sale you refer

Nationwide Shipping

Are you located outside the New Bedford area? We can bring our menu at your table.